Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google Chrome OS The Operating System From Google

Search engine giant Google has announced that it will be launching an operating system specially crafted for those who spend most of their time on web. The new OS will be an extension to Chrome web browser. According to the Google Blog, the operating system will be targeted at netbooks initially.

The OS will run on x86 and ARM chips and the company is planning to come up with netbooks by the next year. Chrome OS will take cloud computing to the next level and it is speculated that it will compete with Microsoft's Windows. While this statement may sound too bold, Google may already have on cloud what Microsoft offers on desktop. For instance, GMail for Outlook and Google Docs for Office.

With this Google wants to redesign the OS from the scratch and the logic is that when today's prevailing OSs were being crafted, web was still in its nascent stage. But now that web has become a significant part of people using computers, we need to have a fresh look at operating systems.

Not many details are available about the OS right now. But it is sure that the company is designing Chrome OS keeping in mind speed, simplicity and security as key factors. Moreover, Google will be making the source code open-source. The OS will be almost fully cloud-based and will be free. The existing applications based on standard web technologies will continue to work and further apps can be developed using any web technology. Source : Official Google Blog

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