Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bing The Decision Engine From Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft is coming up with a new search engine named Bing. The search engine is expected go live within a few days. Bing aims to refine the search experience of users and help them in making decisions. The company has focused its efforts on some key areas like making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition or finding a local business. Due to its focus, Microsoft calls it a decision engine.

As is inevitable, some have already started comparing Bing with Google. But it is better to think about it a search engine with a specific niche and in terms of relevancy the new baby has to go a long way before it can compete with wise grandfather.

To get a hang of Bing the following video may be helpful.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Namitha And Katrina Kaif Could Be Dangerous For Your PC !

namithaNamitha A Lethal Beauty!
Could you ever imagine that your favourite actresses or actors could pose threat to your computer ? Yes they can. In a recent study by Internet security company McAfee, it was revealed that cyber criminals and hackers are increasingly using popular search queries to dupe users into downloading the malwares that can later compromise the security of their PCs.

Taking a cue from biggies like Google, Yahoo! McAfee did a research on more than 2,600 popular keywords to find out the risk they pose. And it turned out that "screensavers" and its variations pose maximum risk while "lyrics" is one of the single most dangerous term.

Most of the victims are unsuspecting users who are searching for free wallpapers and screensavers, wallpapers of their favorite celebrities or ringtones or music of their favourite movie. So someone searching for the free screensavers of Katrina Kaif or Namitha could end up on a website offering infected softwares. Upon downloading and installing screensavers, these malwares install themselves on to the computer of the victim infecting it and may cause untold harm like slowing down PC or even stealing passwords and credit card numbers!

Now Katrina Kaif is not only one of the most searched name but it is most dangerous too. Waptrick the site offering free music,wallpapers downloads is also the very risky keyword. Orkut, Yahoomail, Shahid Kapur and even south beauty Namitha come under risky category.

On second thoughts, now you can say Katrina a fatal beauty and Namitha a lethal one!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spotify Google Android Application Is Stunning

Spotify the popular peer to peer music streaming service announced its mobile app for Android enabled mobile phones. Though the company says that it is still the work in progress, going by the features one can easily see that the new app poses a serious competition to Apple.

The most appealing feature is the offline mode that allows you to store playlists in advance for the conditions when no internet connection is available. Add to that the ability to sync the mobile app with the Spotify app running on a PC and you have the perfect recipe for a iTunes killer. To increase developers' participation, the company plans to release an API allowing them to integrate this app into other applications.

The new application by Spotify has got very positive reviews. Tech radar calls it a killer Android app.

Although, the company says that it will soon come up with iPhone version of the app, it remains uncertain whether Apple will allow the full functionality of Spotify .

Watch the video to get a look at this new application.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nokia OVI Store Goes Live

Nokia launched its much hyped App Store Ovi on May 26. Since its inception, Nokia Ovi has been much talked about thing from the Finnish mobile maker. It is being touted as the rival of similar app stores from Apple and BlackBerry. Ovi will allow users to download and install games, videos, podcasts, software applications and more to their mobile with ease. The company had started shipping its Ovi compatible mobile devices long before its launch.

About the app store, Tero Ojanper√§, Nokia’s executive vice president, said, "Ovi Store is open for business and we’ve stocked the shelves with both local and global content for a broad range of Nokia devices. Ovi Store makes shopping for content and applications easy and fun for feature phone and smartphone owners alike."

The company wanted to launch its online store with bang but things went topsy turvy when the link to the store provided on the press release did not work. Later when the company posted the corrected link, the website loaded too slowly. Nokia blamed the situation on high traffic which seems like a lame excuse as they could have easily anticipated the traffic surge given the numbr of mobile users they have. Right now the store website is working fine.

After the huge success of ITunes app store, many biggies have jumped into the bandwagon like BlackBerry. The buzz is that Microsoft too will soon be launching its app store on the same lines. There were also news about Vodafone launching its own app store. The advantage, Nokia has is its enormous user base which can give it a head start over other players.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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