Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spotify Google Android Application Is Stunning

Spotify the popular peer to peer music streaming service announced its mobile app for Android enabled mobile phones. Though the company says that it is still the work in progress, going by the features one can easily see that the new app poses a serious competition to Apple.

The most appealing feature is the offline mode that allows you to store playlists in advance for the conditions when no internet connection is available. Add to that the ability to sync the mobile app with the Spotify app running on a PC and you have the perfect recipe for a iTunes killer. To increase developers' participation, the company plans to release an API allowing them to integrate this app into other applications.

The new application by Spotify has got very positive reviews. Tech radar calls it a killer Android app.

Although, the company says that it will soon come up with iPhone version of the app, it remains uncertain whether Apple will allow the full functionality of Spotify .

Watch the video to get a look at this new application.

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