Saturday, May 30, 2009

Namitha And Katrina Kaif Could Be Dangerous For Your PC !

namithaNamitha A Lethal Beauty!
Could you ever imagine that your favourite actresses or actors could pose threat to your computer ? Yes they can. In a recent study by Internet security company McAfee, it was revealed that cyber criminals and hackers are increasingly using popular search queries to dupe users into downloading the malwares that can later compromise the security of their PCs.

Taking a cue from biggies like Google, Yahoo! McAfee did a research on more than 2,600 popular keywords to find out the risk they pose. And it turned out that "screensavers" and its variations pose maximum risk while "lyrics" is one of the single most dangerous term.

Most of the victims are unsuspecting users who are searching for free wallpapers and screensavers, wallpapers of their favorite celebrities or ringtones or music of their favourite movie. So someone searching for the free screensavers of Katrina Kaif or Namitha could end up on a website offering infected softwares. Upon downloading and installing screensavers, these malwares install themselves on to the computer of the victim infecting it and may cause untold harm like slowing down PC or even stealing passwords and credit card numbers!

Now Katrina Kaif is not only one of the most searched name but it is most dangerous too. Waptrick the site offering free music,wallpapers downloads is also the very risky keyword. Orkut, Yahoomail, Shahid Kapur and even south beauty Namitha come under risky category.

On second thoughts, now you can say Katrina a fatal beauty and Namitha a lethal one!

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