Friday, May 28, 2010

Google TV The TV With Power Of Web

Google has recently announced Google TV, a platform that can radically change the way you look at your television. The idea is very simple. Combine the power of Web with TV. Normally, when you want to watch a TV program, you have to switch channels and find out the broadcasting time. But with Google TV, the game is going to change. The search engine giant has added a to TV the thing it is best at, the search. With this technology, you can simply type what you want to see on TV. So basically what it does is that it makes navigation easier and intuitive with the help of a browser. Of course, a set-top box will be needed to add this technology to your TV. But new devices with in-built capability are in the offing too. What is more, Google TV is based on open platform Android. That makes it more appealing for developing new apps for TV. Here is a video that explains this new technology.

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