Friday, June 5, 2009

Adobe BrowserLab A Must For Web Designers

Web designers and developers go great length to ensure that their websites look and act uniformly on different web browsers and platforms. For this they have to test their websites in various browsers. Moreover, sometimes they may have to install different operating systems to get a real-time view of their websites. Needless to say, this can be quite a headache. But now Adobe has come up with an online service called BrowserLab that makes this task of testing websites in different environments a breeze.

What BrowserLab does is that it takes screenshots of web-pages as they look on various platforms and renders it on the screen with many viewing options like side by side and overlay view. Thus, one can compare the results. What is more, this service works wonderfully with Dreamweaver CS4 so that one can test local content from and different states of interactive content from within the HTML editor.

BrowserLab currently supports various versions of Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer on Windows and Mac platforms. More browsers may be added in the future. Moreover, one thing to to be noted is that this service just provides the live views of a page and cannot be used to debug JavaScript as of now.

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