Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taptu The Mobile Search Engine For iPhone

Looking for a search engine for your iPhone that is touch friendly and allows to search the web with ease? Taptu may be the answer. Taptu is a mobile search engine that just released its iPhone version that can be downloaded from Apple App Store for free.

The new search engine is user friendly and quick. According to Taptu blog, it has more than 3 million webpages currently in its index. What is special about this application is that it provided the results optimized for iPhone. Instead of the regular scroll-down view Taptu presents the results in a horizontal format that can be flipped through in the typical iPhone style. Taptu has already got a sizable user base. According to Taptu blog, they are getting around 1 million searches from around the world. On more feature that stands out is Twitter search that searches the tweets for a searched term.

Here is a demo of this iPhone App

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