Sunday, June 28, 2009

Microsoft Surface Technology The Next Step In Computing

Since its launch in 2007, Microsoft Surface Computing technology has got much attention. The technology is surely revolutionary and poses endless possibilities that were unimaginable till now. For one, the 30-inch multi-touch surface computer does away with keyboard and mouse and relies totally on human touch and gesture as the primary interface.

The upcoming Windows 7 Touch Pack includes applications like Microsoft Surface Globe that is a 3-D map of the Earth that can be navigated through the touch of fingertips. Then there is a Surface Collage that can be used to organize and edit digital photos.

Moreover, interactions with the external devices can be accomplished through the surface itself. Here is a video that shows how surface computer can radically change the way your cellphone is connected to your computer.

Moreover, this form of table top computing has started to get attention from industry too. For example, BMW Product Navigator is an application by BMW that allows a potential buyer to configure the car all on screen! Watch the video :

The technology can be applied to a wide array of fields like education, gaming, medicine and more. Finally here is a video that shows how this technology can make learning more intuitive and fun.

Microsoft Surface is truly the next big thing in computing.

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