Friday, June 12, 2009

Firefox 3.5 Coming Up With Revolutionary Video Player

As the release of Firefox 3.5 draws nearer, the excitement is beginning to mount about its exciting new features. One thing that has got the most attention is the video playing features of this new browser. The new version of Firefox has a built in video player and thus requires no addon like flash to play videos. Embedding a video will be much easier using HTML 5 tags.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 version supports Ogg video codec maintained by Ogg is an open source codec and a powerful one.

The videos in the new browser will be interactive in true sense. One can select an element from video, manipulate it using javascript and more. To get an idea of new video capabilities of next version of Firefox watch the clip below.

It adds a new level of interactivity to videos. Imagine clicking on an object in the playing video and finding more about that in right click. This opens up a new world of possibilities where video will not be a separate element on a web page as it now is but it will be just like any other element that can be handled in a now unimaginable way. What is more, putting web elements like links right on the video will be possible.

There are talks in industry, that the new web browser will give serious competition to Adobe Flash which is the most popular video format used on the webpages today. Some even say that Flash may become a history that seems to be far-fetched a bit as Firefox has to gain a larger user base to make a noticeable impact. But one thing is sure, the browser is going to revolutionize the web browsing experience.

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