Tuesday, June 30, 2009

With Fennec Firefox Comes to Mobile Phones

The latest version of the world's most popular browser Firefox has just been released and the downloads are expected to the tune of millions. Behind all the hype of Firefox 3.5 there is a new budding mobile browser from the creators of Firefox. Fennec is the web browser, currently in beta version, crafted specially for mobile devices like cellphones, PDAs.

What makes Fennec so special is the fact that this browser is built on the same technology as the good old Firefox and therefore is supposed to be as quick and smart as its desktop counterpart. Some of the features are tab based browsing, lots of add-ons to customize the browser, easy bookmarking and above all an interface that makes it perfect for touch screen mobiles phones that are a craze these days. Moreover, the new browser has Google Location Services support which means it can enhance the web-browsing experience according to your current location.

So far as developers are concerned, since Fennec builds on the same platform as Firefox, it has the scope to create feature rich mobile applications and add-ons. What is more, the buzz is that with the release of Native Developement Kit by Google for Android, Mozilla is considering bringing Fennec development to Android platform.

With all these features and support for various development platforms, Fennec is likely to repeat what Firefox did in the arena of desktop web browsing. Here is a video that gives an overview of the browser :

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