Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Windows 7 To Be Out In October

Microsoft has announced the final release date of the next version of world's most popular operating system. Eagerly awaited OS by Redmond giant, Windows 7, will be available officially by 22nd October 2009.

The new OS is said to be fully compatible with the old hardware and thus, users will not have to upgrade their hardware. Windows 7 is said to be more efficient and robust than its predecessor Vista that brought a lot of bad name to the company.

With the announcement, the PC maker giants have started to prepare for the release. For example, Dell has announced Windows 7 Upgrade Program to existing users. This is being done to avoid sharp decline in sales just prior to Windows 7 release.

Microsoft Windows 7 will be available in several flavors including Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate suited for different device configurations and user needs. The company also said that an emerging markets specific version Windows 7 Basic will be there too. Moreover, the company has ruled out the possibility of a version of the new OS for smartbooks built on ARM chips.

There are supposed to be many features in the new operating system that make it superior to Vista. One such feature is Windows Touch for multi-touch capable screens that enables users to control the OS and its applications through touch. More details about Windows 7 are due in the coming days.

With this announcement, a trend has become prominent. Microsoft is keen on releasing its products earlier than expected. Windows 7 was expected to be released during Christmas. Similarly, its new search engine Bing was released two days earlier.

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