Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Microsoft Bing Review

Search engines are the key to most of the people's experience of world wide web and since the advent of Google, for most of the people there is only one search engine that they use and that is Google itself. Today it is the most used application when it comes to searching the labyrinths of world wide web. For a long time many companies have come up with their own products and technology but none could compete with Google. Lime Yahoo, Microsoft. Bing by Microsoft is the latest addition to the variety of search engines available to users. Although most geeks have tendency to hate everything which has the label of Redmond giant on it, Bing has received many positive reviews.

Bing is a very well thought search engine and its key feature is the variety of information it presents to users for every searched keywords. Like if you search for shoes, the application, apart from showing the relevant sites, displays many options like buying guide, reviews, brands and more which is a very nifty feature. One very good feature is that it displays snippets of information when mouse is hovered over the thin line that appears beside search result the moment one moves mouse over a result. (See the image below)

bing smippets
Moreover, when you search for videos, you can play them right in Bing search window. Although, that feature came under fire for displaying sexually explicit videos and thus turning itself into a porn site! Image searches are good too but again Bing has to index more pages to be as relevant as Google. Bing has a fancy display with wallpapers that keep changing. But that could distract the users. The simplicity of Google's homepage is better and appealing.

On certain points, Bing apes Google. For example, advertising display is similar to that in Google. And a look at settings page and you cannot help remembering the wise old search engine. Overall, Bing provides a good searching experience and returns relevant results but its algorithm has to evolve a hundred times if it is to compete with the big brother. Moreover, Microsoft has to advertise its new baby a lot so that people at least know that they have options!

A Bing Trick !
If you reside outside of US, you may not get full features on Bing home page. To access Bing as Americans are accessing it, go here and select United States - English.

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